roast beef “shepherd’s pie”

for some reason, i keep starting this post and never finishing it; but on this lovely sunday night, i’m putting down my knitting, turning off my premature christmas movie, and completing this.

a couple of weeks ago it was suggested to me to make shepherd’s pie for my next post. i went up to visit my family in prince edward county, and on the drive i starting thinking about a way to put a different spin on this dish. this is what i came up with…

i used:

-roast beef


-green onion

-red onion






-flour & water

first thing’s first. roast your beef. sprinkle with salt, pepper and garlic powder. 375 degrees, couple hours. add in some water as needed so it doesn’t dry up and there is plenty of juice in the end to make a gravy. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.

now, this roast beef is replacing the ground beef in a shepherd’s pie. this means that i tried to get the meat into the smallest pieces possible. think along the lines of pulled pork. i sliced the meat as thin as possible, and then cut and pulled it apart and put it in my dish.

i boiled the potatoes in water with some garlic gloves for some extra flavour to prepare them for their mashing fate.

then i started the veggies by frying up the red onions in some butter. once those began to become transparent, i tossed in some sliced mushrooms (crimini and button) then once those were cooked through, i added in the green onions. they’re last because they don’t really need to cook much at all.

i added this as my next layer in my “shepherd’s pie”

once the potatoes were done, i mashed them senseless with some butter, then added some cream and beat the sh*t out of them.

i spread the potatoes on the top of the dish, sprinkled it with salt and pepper, and plopped some butter on top to help it brown nicely.

i put it in the oven on broil, just to get the top nice, crisp, and brown. nothing really needed to cook, because that was all done before.

last, but not least, the gravy. i took that lovely meat juice from the roast beef pan, put it on low/med heat, mixed some cold water and about 4 tbsp of flour and shake shake shake and slowly added this mixture to the juice, stirring with a fork. (side bar: most people use corn starch to make gravy, but my mom gave me this recipe. she got it in her early 20’s from a co-worker, and has sworn by it ever since. it gives the gravy a nice creamy texture and helps avoid the gelatin-like texture that corn starch can sometimes give it. tips: water must be COLD. 4 tbsp is a ballpark figure, use as much as you think, the texture of the water will be an indicator of how thick the gravy will be. add it slowly. mixing the whole time) and don’t forget the salt and pepper!

then i just threw together a super simple salad to go with it, and set the table!

my 14 year old brother who would eat cake for dinner if given the option asked for seconds… this is more epic than anyone that’s not in my family can understand. it was the biggest stamp of approval i could ever receive.

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2 Responses to roast beef “shepherd’s pie”

  1. MRussell says:

    … and it tasted super-duper awesome!

  2. laura abate says:

    this was the most informative and enjoyable recipe that i have ever seen on the internet.

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